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Pi 3.141592653

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Pi Day PieAre you one of those couples looking for a special date for their small wedding?  Are you the kind of couple that would prefer pie instead of cake?  Do we have a fabulous idea for you!  This year is ultimate Pi day!  March 14, 2015  (3.14.15) not sure we can fit the 9:26:53 in but it might be doable for ultimate Pi.

To sweeten the pie (er pot), instead of the traditional wedding cake, a lovely wedding pie can be made.  Couples choice for flavor.  Extend it a bit more and if we are lucky the cherry blossoms might be out to add to flowers and compliment the cherry pie.  Maybe?  Work with one of the local restaurants and get a pot pie for dinner?  Or pizza pie?

This would work for our Elopement, Deluxe Elopement, Intimate, or Deluxe Intimate wedding packages.  So get with your Sweetie Pi and give us a call to schedule a tour and talk about your Pi Day wedding!

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Theme Weddings

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Theme Wedding

Has everyone seen the article with the Star Wars themed wedding right?  There is a fine line between a theme and a production.  Every wedding has a theme if they want to admit it or not.  Even if it is just a color scheme.  The trick is to add just enough to make it special but not so much that people think, “What was that?”  This wedding does a great job of that.  They used classic wedding elements and then just threw in a dash of what is special to them as a couple.  We had a wedding that threw a couple of lines from The Princess Bride into their wedding ceremony.   It was fun.  So what kind of things could make a good theme at a Victorian B&B?  How about  A garden wedding?  A Downton Abby inspired wedding?  A Victorian wedding?  Steampunk?  Are you big wine lovers?  Football, baseball, hockey fans?  Really what we are saying is that any theme can work! Let the elements be subtle.  If you make them grand they become the focus, instead of you!  We have lots of ideas on our Pinterest page.  Need some suggestions, let us know!

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Pricing. Why do others hide it?

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Every wedding is different. At the same time they share a number of common denominators. This is why we have a number of different packages and price options. We share pricing on all of our packages and options. Other venues do not. They make you you email or call them. It is somewhat frustrating when all you want is a general idea of the cost of a venue and what it includes.

When we got married we also went through this little ritual. It was annoying. We had no idea what places cost. We quickly crossed some off our list, once we found out the costs of limitations. So wouldn’t it be nice if they would all list at least a ballpark figure?

We even list other venues and competitors. We would rather keep your business local and help both you and the other venues out, than loose your business to some far flung venue.

Our smaller packages, such as our Elopement and Deluxe Elopement are somewhat set in stone. It is what it takes to make your day memorable, and covers our time and costs. However our bigger packages can sometimes be altered and modified. It all depends on what you want to cut or add from the package, and what date you are looking at having your wedding.

So check us out. We have some great options for just about any wedding of 100 people and less. With now over ten years of experience and hundreds of happily married couples, we must be doing something right!

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In-house Wedding Photography

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We are pleased to announce that we are formally offering in-house photography services. We have been keen amateur photographers for years, and over the past few years have developed more professional skills and gathered more professional equipment.

Our photography web site has a few examples of weddings we have shot ourselves here at the Inn and the Capital Campus.

Pricing can be found on the photography site. We would like to think that we offer a quality budget option.

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