How it effects weddings and events at the Inn and Spa

We have carefully and purposefully crafted our Pandemic Response (COVID19) guidelines, as recommended by the state and CDC. They are written and implemented for you, your fellow guests and our own health and safety. If you feel you are not able to follow them, we are not able to accept your reservation.

In summary what this means;

  • We only allow vaccinated guests in the main Inn, unvaccinated may stay overnight in the Puget Suite.
  • During an event in the Grand Victorian Ballroom, regardless of vaccination status guests must be masked unless eating.
  • During a wedding ceremony, the wedding party may be unmasked (unless unvaccinated).

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a safe space for your event. We want to be able to give all guests peace of mind, knowing they can safely attend an event.

There are requirements that go along with this so please read our Pandemic Response (COVID19) guidelines.

Give us a call to discuss, 360.753.9123.