Olympia Elopements

Basic Elopement

Elope and run! The is our completely no-frills service. It is a step up from the local courthouse, which typically only does ceremonies on Fridays. We use a basic prewritten ceremony, performed by our officiant. You can take some photos, sign some documents, then you are on your way. All said and done it should take less than an hour.

Basic Elopement:

  • Up to an hour in the Grand Victorian Ballroom
  • Officiant Services
  • Witnesses (if needed)

Package Cost: $299

Classic Elopement

We love hosting elopements, not that we dislike doing the larger weddings, but there is something special about an elopement. Many times this is an budget conscience alternative to a courthouse ceremony, but always it is about a couple coming together to be joined for the rest of their lives. In contrast to our other packages we have used the cost of a courthouse ceremony (Judge) versus paying for an ordained minister to be your officiant for value purposes. Your ceremony time as well as time for cake and a toast with your guests are included in the package, but we don’t separate out time in the value calculation because 6 – 8 people do not have as much of an impact on other guests as a larger group does. The majority of our elopements happen between 12:00pm and 3:00pm, and we require most to follow our classic wedding schedule.
Indoors or Outdoors, up to 6 guests (in addition to Bride and Groom).

Note: This package is only available Monday through Thursday. If you would like to elope on the weekend, we offer our Deluxe Elopement package all week long.

Includes: Officiant services, witnesses (if needed), professionally decorated two tier wedding cake, sparkling cider, bouquet for the bride, boutonnière for the groom, two Bouquets of arranged flowers and a night in the Astoria Room or Puget Suite (South).

Added Value:

  • Up to two hours in the Grand Victorian Ballroom
  • Officiant Services
  • Accommodations
  • Bouquet & Boutonniere
  • Two Bouquets of arranged flowers
  • Wedding Cake
  • Witnesses (if needed)
  • Sparkling Cider and/or Champagne

Package Cost: $799
Total Value: $926 – $1026

Deluxe Elopement

For one of the premier elopement packages in Washington state try our Deluxe Elopement Package. We have found that everyone who upgrades to the Deluxe Elopement package, has been so happy they did. It gives you an extra night in our Astoria or Puget Suite South, the Deluxe Couples massage up in the Day Spa and a gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants. It turns a one day event in to a two day mini honeymoon.

Added value:

  • Ability to hold ceremony on weekends
  • Second night of accommodation
  • Deluxe Couples Massage
  • $100 Gift Certificate for Restaurant

Package Cost: $1499
Total Value: $1900+

Notes for Intimate, and Elopement Packages:

  • For these packages we require prepayment of the package to hold a particular date.
  • Payment is non-refundable.
  • Typically we do not do these packages during June, July & August because of our larger wedding packages, but if you are looking at mid-week or renting the rooms as well it is always a possibility.
  • Typically ceremony must take place between the hours of 12:00pm and 3:00pm, and we require most to follow our classic wedding schedule.

For any of our packages we charge for extras, especially for our Intimate, Budget and Elopement Packages. The charges for the extras are as follows:

  • Extra guests: $10 per guest (100 guests maximum outside, 30 inside)
  • Chair Rental and setup: $2.75 per chair
  • Table Rental and setup: $12.50 per table (60 inch round or 6’ banquet)
  • Table Linens (white): $10.00 per tablecloth
  • Parking Assistance: $125 (required if more than 30 guests are attending)
  • Garbage Disposal: $50.00 (required if caterer is not taking care of it)
  • Extra Time: $100 per 30 minutes