When you have your elopement or petite wedding at the Swantown Inn & Spa, we require that you follow this classic wedding schedule. This is because you are not required to rent all of the guest accommodations and we do not want other guests to impact your ceremony.


The Schedule

12:00 pm Bridal party can arrive and prepare themselves.

12:30 pm Guests may start arriving for ceremony.

1:00 pm Ceremony begins.

1:30 pm Post ceremony photos with couple. Signing of documents.

1:45 pm Cake and Champagne toast.

2:30 pm Additional photography outside if desired.

3:00 pm Move on to reception, or other sites (Capital Campus, Tumwater Falls, Percival Landing) for additional photography.

Following this simple schedule will guarantee that your special day will flow smoothly.

If you want more flexibility in your schedule you need to look at one of our larger, more flexible packages.