[intro]An intimate and complete wedding for around $1500, including everything, even your rings![/intro]

Elopement Package at the Swantown Inn – $799

Wedding Dresses – $170
There are a number of dress shops that have off the rack wedding dresses for a lower cost but there are lots of online options that have all the romance of a wedding dress and cost less than having your hair done! There are lots of options too if you would like to have a coordinating dress for your attendant(s) if you have them. If you really want that crisp white gown, Target.com has them and they are all under $200!

Hair & Makeup – $55
If you aren’t comfortable doing your own hair, or are looking for something special, let a professional handle it at a reasonable price. Tabitha’s Hair Design does Updos starting at $55. Makeup should be simple and natural. Pick a new shade of eye shadow and lipstick just for the occasion and do your own.

Menswear – $50
The groom doesn’t have to wear a traditional tuxedo, but you can rent one for a reasonable price. Better yet if you have a nice suit, buy a vest and/or tie in a color you both love!

Marriage License – $63
The Thurston County Courthouse in the Auditors Office. This includes the fee to have a certified copy mailed to you after the ceremony for your records and name change.

Invitations – $20
They don’t have to be expensive to be customized and beautiful
Vistaprint.com – 10 invitations for $9.99, 20 invitations for $19.99 Costco.com – Might be better for announcements as the minimum is 100


This is one area where quality of service and end results varies greatly on the provider. If on a tight budget we recommend finding a friend or student who is the earlier stages of their photography. Just do not not expect Pinterest worthy photos, they may be great but just lower your expectations a little.

Food – $120
This would be an excellent dinner for two with a moderately priced bottle of wine. You don’t have to provide food for your guests, and we actually recommend going to one of the local restaurants for a fabulous meal, you can add “You are welcome to join us for a no-host dinner at ______ after the ceremony” and your guests can decide for themselves to join you or not.

Rings – $225
BlueNile.com. Ok ordering a ring online may seem scary to you, but we ordered ours from them and they are amazing as are the prices. Every order is shipped free via FedEx® shipping, guaranteed and returnable within 30 days, so you can be sure you made the right decision.

Music – Complementary
We have several acoustical CDs that are appropriate as wedding music, including traditional wedding music. Even better, if you have a special song, incorporate it into your ceremony, it can play in the background while we sign your wedding certificates.

Transportation – $45
Why not have a designated driver for your trip out to dinner and back. There are limo services available with low hourly rates. Try for an UberX, the slightly more upscale version of Uber.