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Allan Photography

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Nathan and Casey Allan (Yes! We are the owners and Innkeepers of the Swantown Inn & Spa)

1431 11th Ave SE Olympia WA 98501

360.753.9123 (You will be calling our Inn)

This is a shameless plug for ourselves. We are very keen photographers, and have shot many weddings at our own Inn. We do not pretend to be professional, but we are getting there.  You will see we also offer boudoir photography and packages on our photography website. Owning the B&B gives us the perfect backdrop for both of these events. As the Inn is our own, and this is an added service we can afford to offer you photography services at very reasonable rates. See our photography web site for pricing and packages.

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In-house Wedding Photography

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We are pleased to announce that we are formally offering in-house photography services. We have been keen amateur photographers for years, and over the past few years have developed more professional skills and gathered more professional equipment.

Our photography web site has a few examples of weddings we have shot ourselves here at the Inn and the Capital Campus.

Pricing can be found on the photography site. We would like to think that we offer a quality budget option.

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Better than a Courthouse Wedding.

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Have you seen the Thurston County Courthouse? Well here it is. What a lovely example of 1970s architecture! The jewel int he crown of the county judicial system. Well it may be all of that, but it sure is not the prettiest of places to have a wedding, even if you are on a budget. You can pay anywhere from just over $100 to over $300 for that basic wedding ceremony. You can check out their pricing here.

Thurston County Courthouse

The Courthouse. Uninspiring and dull.

That is why we think that our Bed & Breakfast can provide you with a better option. A 1887 Historical Mansion. We do not pretend to be perfect, but even on a gloomy day with the landscaping dormant in the depths of winter, the Inn is a nicer backdrop for your ceremony. See?

Swantown Inn

An idyllic sunset! albeit not always this amazing looking!

Now that is the perfect photo on the perfect evening. It is not going to look that on a rainy Olympia day in April!

So have a look at the cost of our basic elopement. With the extras we provide it is a great deal!

Remember if you want to pair your ceremony with a mini honeymoon we offer the Deluxe Elopement. Or if you live far away and want to have a all inclusive Destination Wedding, we offer that too!

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Indoor Wedding Space in Olympia

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We are please to announce we are taking expressions of interest for the use of our soon to be built indoor event space.

Designed to mirror the historic nature of the Inn, it will comfortably seat 60 people.

For some more details see our Indoor Events page.

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