The Swantown Inn & Spa has been hosting weddings for over 20 years. As the current owners we have been the hosts for over 14 years. The past has seen weddings of up to 300 people, however we drew that back to 100, and now have settled at the 60 person limit. We have come to this number due to a number of factors. Firstly, because our new event space, The Grand Victorian Ballroom, has a capacity set at 63 people. Secondly, and more importantly, we are very conscience of our impact on our surrounding neighbors. Finally, we simply see our couples enjoy a wedding that is on the smaller side.

The Packages

Although we offer Al a Carte Packages, we find it easier for people to understand what we offer and the value we can bring, by packaging in to three distinct sized weddings.


These are 8 people in total (or less), they do not require the rental of the whole Inn, and have little to no effect on our neighbors. We have plenty of off street parking to accommodate this small of an event.


With no more than 30 people, during the week we do not require the whole Inn to be rented, however on the busier weekends we do require you rent all of our guest rooms as well. We ask for guests to carpool, and some will have to park on the street.


This is the maximum size we host. Big enough for your closest family and friends. this requires the whole Inn to be rented.


The packages and their accompanying restrictions, are what makes sense for our business. Weddings effect our ability to seamlessly host other guests, spa clients and the like. That is how the pricing is worked out. we always try to make them budget friendly.

Occasionally we have couples ask for Ala Carte pricing, they want to subtract or add items. Sometimes the requests mean that it it simply not worth our while to host the wedding. For example, with an elopement, subtract the overnight room, cake, flowers and officiant and suddenly the thought is the cost will be $200.  In our mind that is not what our space and time is worth. In this example we are considering adding a barebones, no-frills, elopement. Less expensive than the courthouse, but basically just officiating a short and sweet ceremony.

Having said that we are willing to work with you. There is no harm in asking, and we will be honest if it does not work for us.


We always create a contract with couples and have a non-refundable deposit to hold a date. The contract spells out what we will provide, a schedule, and overage charges.