At the Swantown Inn we think it is great that marriage equality passed in our state! Quite frankly, even though we believe everyone is entitled to their view and opinions, we like the fact that our friends and family can now join in the union of marriage. So everyone gets the same rights whether they are a man and a woman, both women or both men.

So if you were wondering if we will perform same sex ceremonies, yes of course we will! All of the packages we have on offer are now good for everyone, come December 9th (Washington has a three day cooling off from purchasing your license).

We have been trying to think how we could celebrate this at the Inn. Well the 9th of December is a Sunday, it is available for a wedding, so who wants to get hitched? If there is enough interest we may even offer multiple ceremonies on this day.

So if you are interested simply contact us and register your interest. Come for a tour (call for an appointment: 360.753.9123).