Every wedding is different. At the same time they share a number of common denominators. This is why we have a number of different packages and price options. We share pricing on all of our packages and options. Other venues do not. They make you you email or call them. It is somewhat frustrating when all you want is a general idea of the cost of a venue and what it includes.

When we got married we also went through this little ritual. It was annoying. We had no idea what places cost. We quickly crossed some off our list, once we found out the costs of limitations. So wouldn’t it be nice if they would all list at least a ballpark figure?

We even list other venues and competitors. We would rather keep your business local and help both you and the other venues out, than loose your business to some far flung venue.

Our smaller packages, such as our Elopement and Deluxe Elopement are somewhat set in stone. It is what it takes to make your day memorable, and covers our time and costs. However our bigger packages can sometimes be altered and modified. It all depends on what you want to cut or add from the package, and what date you are looking at having your wedding.

So check us out. We have some great options for just about any wedding of 100 people and less. With now over ten years of experience and hundreds of happily married couples, we must be doing something right!