OlympiaWeddings.com has been the web site for wedding packages hosted by the Swantown Inn & Spa for nearly 15 years. During those 15 years we have had a select list of vendors that we either have worked with, know of, or are local to the Olympia area. We have listed those wedding vendors on this web site, to help provide couples with a one stop site to obtain all of their wedding needs.

Now as a vendor you may have gained business through this site, or you may not have. We do not track that. we do know however that the site gets a good amount of traffic, and that we make personal referrals from it.  Nonetheless we do not charge anything for your listing.

We have decided to upgrade the directory of vendors, and in turn give you more control of your own listing. Again this may aid you in obtaining clients, but at least give you a little exposure.

So we invite you to sign up for the directory, as it fills with more vendors we will push it to our social media a little more, and remove the old listings. You may even find you already have a listing, and need to simply claim it.

We will promote each vendor in our social media. Featuring each vendor and their product or service.

You can see the Wedding Vendor Directory here.

You can sign up for an account here.

You can add your business here.

If you need help simply contact us.


  • We must “approve” a vendor for them to show up on the web site “live”.
  • If you do not see a category appropriate for your business, we may need to create it for you.